1 - The Magician

Joss Whedon. Joss is the wizard who weaves his magic throughout the Buffyverse. Where does he get this stuff? Some call it creative inspiration. We fans call it magic. Whatever it is, Joss casts his spell over us and we obey. And besides, he's a hottie.

If you get the Magician in a reading, it's time to be creative and take control. Make the necessary changes for a happy life. You have the power within you to create what you need. Let those creative juices flow and seize the day. Paint. Write a poem or screenplay. Just don't kill off any of our favorite characters. But if you do, be sure to come up with a nifty resurrection plot. Wait, better yet, don't -- because only the Mighty Joss can pull off a plotline like that and make us believe it. There's still plenty of other stuff you can do, though.