13 - Transformation

Evil Willow and Evil Xander. Traditionally the Death card in the tarot, this card appears when everything is changing. The old is dead, clearing the way for what is to come. That's what happened to Willow and Xander when Cordelia wished for a Sunnydale without the Slayer. Suddenly, we were transported into a dimension in which Willow and Xander had died and become vampires. Thankfully, by the end of the episode, they were back to normal -- transformed. Don't even try to tell me you didn't get down with their bad selves.

If you get Transformation in a reading, let the old go. Accept that you are going through changes and that everything will be transformed. The outdated has to die away so that the new paradigm can rise. Let it happen. Many of you were probably expecting to see Buffy or Joyce on this card. Death/Transformation almost never means an actual, physical death.