20 - Rebirth

Spike. While we suspect all the Scoobies will be going through a rebirth of sorts in Season 6 -- most especially Buffy -- Spike best exemplifies the concept at the end of Season 5. Even Doc couldn't smell a drop of soul in him, but there Spike was, fighting to the death to save Dawn and keep his promise to a lady. While others have overcome a lot, Spike is battling his way from the very depths of hell to be worthy of Buffy's love. No longer loving Buffy in a Quasimodo way, Spike is beginning to understand the truth about love -- it is unconditional and therefore transforming. And did I mention I loved the bed hair in the Buffybot episode? *sigh*

If you get this card in a reading, like Spike you are experiencing a spiritual awakening, a regeneration. Everything within you is transformed and, like the phoenix, you rise to enter a higher plane of existence.