7- Chariot

Xander. Probably one of the all-time funniest eps on BtVS is The Zeppo. The Xand Man has gotten his hands on his Uncle Roary's 1957 Chevy Bel Aire and is ready to cruise.When the other Scoobies fear for his safety, Xander is exiled from saving the world and has to fend for himself for an evening. In a wacky comedy of errors, he ends up saving the world... er, Sunnydale High... from trash-talking zombie vandals all by himself, while his friends avert yet another apocalypse. By the end of the ep, Xander is securely in the driver's seat.

When you get the Chariot in a reading, be ready for movement and action. This card represents victory, willpower, and the courage and heart of a warrior. It can also mean a car will figure heavily in your life. Just hope you don't have to give it back to your uncle when he gets out of jail. Oh, and losing your virginity isn't necessarily a meaning for this card.