9 -- The Watcher

Giles. Who's the biggest, best librarian in all the world? Giles! Number 9 in the tarot is traditionally the Hermit, the person who goes alone on the mountaintop to seek wisdom. Giles is Information Man. And while he hasn't been on a mountaintop since Lover's Walk, he is wisdom and good sense personified, with a noble spirit to boot. This card is all about Giles: guidance, study, teaching, metaphysics, occult knowledge and secrets. But he's been a hermit just a little too long. Joss, get that man some booty!

When you get the Watcher in the reading, you might be going through a time where you have to depend on yourself. Seek out the hidden knowledge and apply it to your life. You may have withdrawn from others as you find yourself or get centered. You'll come out of this period refreshed and prepared for the world.