The Buffy Tarot grew out of my intense love for two things: the tarot and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I'm a professional tarot card reader who got my first deck of cards at the age of 16. I now am a 40-something writer. I grew up on shows like Dark Shadows, the '60s gothic soap opera, and long afternoons filled with Dracula and Wolfman movies on the Early Show. Little wonder I should become so enamored of the monsters and slayers of Joss Whedon's creation, Buffy.

Although this show seems like little more than campy entertainment on the surface, the writers draw on grand, epic themes. With each episode, I am entertained, amused, touched, and awed. One week we viewers will be teased with references to Quasimodo. Another we will be reminded of Henry V. Later we will encounter the mystery of death or the transforming power of love. All this with a humor and poignancy that astounds. I consider Buffy a mythology for our times. The vampires and demons are the bogeys of our minds and the very real encounters of life. Buffy, then, represents our ability to slay our obstacles, to triumph. Not to mention, the show is just damn clever.

The tarot is a system of divination and self-discovery that has been around for many centuries. Contrary to popular belief, it wasn't the gypsies who created/borrowed/stole it. The tarot is thought to have developed from a popular 15th century Italian card game. Today the cards represent archetypal patterns -- those themes that all of us face as we get on with living. The major arcana, the first 22 cards of the deck, represents the Fool's Journey, beginning with card number zero, the Fool. Each successive card details the life lessons that transform the Fool on the road to enlightenment. The other 56 cards speak of his encounters and experiences along the way.

The tarot reveals to us our own personal mysteries. It allows us to see the big picture of our lives, to examine the patterns. When consulting the tarot, synchronicity abounds. If we let the cards speak, we will be enlightened.

It was inevitable that tarot and BtVS should intersect in my life. It has been an enriching experience. Expect to see all 78 cards in time. Realizing more Buffy fans than tarot enthusiasts will be viewing this deck, I have kept it light and simple -- and hopefully true to the spirit of the show. I hope you enjoy it.

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