[Excerpted from _Authentic Thaumaturgy_ by P.E.I Bonewits]

The Laws of Magic are not legislative laws, but, like those of physics or
musical harmony, are actually fairly practical observations that have been
accumulated over thousands of years. These laws describe the way magic
seems to behave.

The Law of Association [Major Law]
If two things have something in common then that common thing can be used
to control both. Also, the two things have a mutual influence on each
other, the degree of influence depending upon the "size" of the thing
shared (commonalty). Examples are hunters eating the liver or heart of
their prey to take their strength; the bread and wine of Christian services
as blood and flesh of Christ. Not used very often in its "pure" form, but
it has two sub-laws which are heavily used.

The Law of Similarity [Sub-law of Law of Association]
The basis of sympathetic magick: effects resemble causes. Things which seem
alike are alike. The Law of Similarity is used to empower magick. Just
waving a wand in the air to summon lightning is not as efficient as
throwing the wand to the ground to simulate a strike of lightning. A witch
wishing to cast a healing spell for a person may make a poppet, or doll, to
represent that person. Using the Law of Similarity, the magician can
produce any effect just by imitating it. In the magickal circle, the poppet
_becomes_ the ill person.

The Law of Contagion [Sub-law of Law of Association; overlap with Law of

Things once in contact continue to interact after separation. Emphasis is
on objects or people that have been in physical contact. An example of the
combination of the above two laws would be a healing spell using a poppet.
Make the doll to resemble the ill person (Law of Similarity), stick bits of
hair, toe nail clippings etc. from the sick person into it (Law of
Contagion), then away you go. Using the Law of Contagion, whatever the
magician does to a material object will equally affect the person or entity
that the object was once attached to or used by. A key phrase the for Law
of Contagion is: Power is contagious.