Seed Blessing and Indoor Planting Ritual

adapted from rituals in Silver RavenWolf's To Light a Sacred Flame & Pauline Campanelli's Wheel of the Year


Seeds that were gathered at Mabon or that you have purchased in packets can be blessed and started indoors at Ostara. This ritual should be conducted in the dark, as we are asking the Mother to bring the seed's light from the darkness of the warming earth.


You will need:

Flower pots
A green marker
Popsicle sticks (optional)
Four candles, one for each of the four quarters
Priapic Wand (an oak wand with an acorn or pine cone tip)

Place your supplies on the altar. Cast a circle by walking clockwise, with index finger pointing down, saying:

Creation flows from the arms of our Mother Goddess.
Creation flows from the strength and light of our God.
Creation is the mission of the human spirit.
From my lips the oath was sworn, from my hand the circle is born.
The earth, the air, the fire, the water return, return, return.
And the gifts of the land return. Behold the circle is cast.

Ask special blessings from each Quarter as you call them.

(Lighting candle at North) Elements of the North; rich earth, comforting soil, bless this ritual with your gifts.

(Lighting candle at East) Elements of the East; sweet breath, carrier of gentle spring rain, bless this ritual with your gifts.

(Lighting candle at South) Elements of the South; caressing sun, warming creation, bless this ritual with your gifts.

(Lighting candle at West) Elements of the West; pure water, transformation energy, bless this ritual with your gifts.

Using the priapic wand, tap each seed packet three times, saying:

Now is the dark half of the year passing
Now do the days grow light, and the Earth grows warm
I summon the spirit of these seeds
Which have slept in darkness
Awaken, stir, and swell
As you are planted in the Earth
To grow and bring forth new fruit.
Blessed be!

As each seed is blessed, visualize that particular plant in full bloom or full fruit. At this point, you may charge the seeds with blessings you hope to "sow" in the year ahead -- things like wisdom, prosperity, understanding, or certain magickal skills.

Next, draw the Birkana rune (a B with points instead of curves), the rune of new beginnings, on the popsicle sticks or on the flower pots. Add soil. Plant the seeds and water.

Thank the Goddess and God. Dismiss the Quarters and close the circle. Tend your seeds carefully in the coming weeks. If desired, plant the seedlings outdoors when the danger of frost has past.