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From: Heather G on 01/06/2000 10:21 AM PST

For a friend who was addicted to cocaine...

On a very windy day when the moon was waning, I made a poppet out of red wax, for life force and survival energy. I used a peice of amethyst as it's heart. To give her a clear mind. To
make the poppet symbolize her, I used pieces of her hair and carved a small tatoo on the poppet representing the one on her body. Once I felt the poppet was united with her, I used knot magick to rid her of the need for coke. I then made the cord into a necklace and let the magick take its course. Between the poppet and an intervention of friends, my friend had turned herself into a rehab center. It must have been hard but she is better now.

From Kim

This is an original spell, and I don't mind if it is posted *grin*

This poppet magick can be done with any of the above types of poppets, but I have to agree with you Yvonne, I prefer the cloth ones the best. Why? Well, as a "penny-pincher," I like to save a buck or two. At times Wal-Mart will have a great sale on remnants and felt. When they do I'll pick up as much as I can afford. I have two spells (if that is okay *grin*)

1) Felt poppet for healing the child within, and our emotions. Felt is great for sticking to things, and for having things stick to it. I like to get a piece of white felt, and cut two body shaped pieces from it. I sew buttons for eyes and a nose (the color of the person who is receiving the poppet) I take about 3 inches of black yarn and cut too little piece for eyebrows, and leave the rest for the mouth.

Then I cut out whimsical pieces of fabric and felt to use for "dressing up" my poppet. I use the eyebrow and mouth pieces to change the espression of the poppet. I then use it as a way to help me (and others) with their emotions. For example, if I have had a very bad day, or if my feelings are hurt I make the face on the poppet look something like this

/ \

Then, I think of ways to make me feel better. Free time, reading a book, loggin on to check my mail, meditation, etc. I then rub a calming oil like lavendar on it, inhale, relax, and change the expression of the poppet to a "smiley face." I charge it with happiness, and carry with me
during the day.

This magick (not much of a spell *grin*) is great if you work with people you can't get along with, or if you think you might encounter someone you are "afraid" of (self-esteem wise). It is also great to give to kids who have been in an abusive family situation (kids in shelters, orphanages, etc.). You can really "doll" them up as much as you want. If I know it is something I am going to need to keep for awhile, I sew the two pieces together using qiult batting as a filler

2) This one won't be as long, I promise *grin*
Healing poppet
Take a regular cloth poppet. Use blue cloth. Stuff with eucalyptus, camphor, bay, cinnamon, sandalwood, and mistletoe.

Write on it the things that are bothering you on one side (cold, bad back, etc.), and on the other side, think of ways you could get better (Herbal teas, back exercise, etc.). Sleep with the popper under your pillow for three nights, and on the last day, take the poppet apart and your "ways of healing" will come to pass.

> 2. What's your current magickal need? Choose it or one of the following types of poppet magick. Tell us what ingredients you might use (herbs,oils, stones, colors, etc.)

Hmm, spiritual and emotional healing. Things that are most healing to me on that level are; topaz, amethyst, crystal, ametrine, flourite, tourmaline and turqouise. Healing herbs and/or oils for me would be patchouli, amber, tobacco (to use as a filler, not to smoke *grin*), corn husks, and nutmeg. The poppet would be blue on one side and white on the other. I would decorate with symbols that are healing for me (Reiki symbols, chakra symbols and so on). I would charge it on a full moon (with an eclipse, which is coming out), and I would ask the poppet to help
me "forget" about all the things I am doing "wrong," and to focus on the things I am doing right. I would then concentrate on how my life and path is not the life and path of others, and how I choose to be, is my way. After that I would ask that I could have enough self-love to help
myself through the tough times, and to believe in myself as much as others do.

I would carry the poppet one cycle of the moon and then discard it.

From: kimana on 01/08/2000 08:04 PM ZE2

Hi class,
Just wished to share that I have just cast my poppet spell for prosperity. here' a little laugh for you: I couldn't find a piece of green fabric so I used... a sock. LOL! It's green and it has little flowers on it so I think it will work well for abundance *grin*. I stuffed it with my 9 herbs (they smell great!) stones and coins, and set it over my pentacle. I put my hands over it as I visualized what I meant to achieve. I also had some sort of mantra: I simplified my intent to "good money", to mean by that that I want money but it has to be "good" .e well-earned and harming none :^) I made it a mantra that went godomonogadamana LOL It worked well. And dang it, I forgot to mention it durng the ritual but my intent was to have it manifest within one moon. Blah. If it doesn't work I'll know why :^/ I'll keep you posted,

From: jtst on 01/08/84 04:15 PM

MM all!

Poppet: I used a green silk scarf, shaped it to resemble a person, filled it with coins and my business card, which was enscribed with prosperity runes, and pine needles and cinnamon sticks. I lit green candles and burned tonka beans, grated, which smells wonderful, like vanilla. The tonka is supposed to attract customers, which is my goal, building my clientele. Whenever I perform spells, I note the planetary hours and the moon cycles, also if the moon is in an earth sign, like Capricorn or Taurus, for money issues.

Mary on 1/14/00 3:55 PM

A Healing Poppet.

I propose to make a healing poppet for my mother. She is 81 years old, visually impaired and has recently moved to a hostel [aged care facility], where she is not settling well - a very difficult
transition, leaving the old family home.

I have asked for guidance and will make paper poppets. The first will be on grey paper, I will cut out a small poppet and draw grey hair, closed eyes and a sad mouth, I will write the reasons why mum had to leave her home, eg not eating properly, not taking care of herself, fear, etc. I will set up a cleansed area similar to an alter and have ready a green or white candle, a shallow dish and a box of matches. I will also have another paper poppet of green or white paper and also coloured textas. I will call on my guardian, my guides and Kwan Yin to assist me. I will meditate and ask my mothers higher self if she will accept this healing. If the answer is positive I will proceed.

I will light the candle and use it to light the grey poppet, which I will place in the shallow dish to burn. As this poppet burns, I will use the coloured textas to write on the other poppet all the benefits of being in her new place of residence - I will say these aloud as I write them on the front of the healing poppet. On the back of the poppet I will use the ashes of the grey poppet to draw, with my licked right forefinger, the Rune - Nauthiz- the banishing rune. This will help turn frustration and stress to one's advantage and will help turn a bad situation into a good one. It should also give mum the patience she needs as she passes through this difficult time.

I will specify that this healing should commence immediately and have very positive effect over the following four weeks, by this time mum should feel much more in control of her situation and more at peace with herself.

I will thank my helpers and Kwan Yin. I will spend a short time of meditation and visualise mum happy and settled. I will put the candle out. And put the poppet in a safe place until the healing has manifested. Then I will bury this poppet in a very safe place.


I've created a green poppet for money. I've been having money problems for a while now. I used green felt and sewed it together with red thread. I gave her long black hair like mine and used blue and green for the eyes because I have hazel eyes. I put coins and rosemary inside. I used rosemary because it's kinda of an all-purpose herb for me and when I've grown to have an affection with. Then I drew the rune "Fehu" on the back of the head for wealth and prosperity.
I then cast the circle and did a money chant. I'm hoping it works. *S*


I did my poppet a little differently. Someone mentioned making a personal poppet, that represents them, but is reused for different things. I liked this and this is what I made. I enlarged the pattern a bit to make it easier to work with. I made it in some white cotton knit material I had left from making robes for some friends. I embroidered a heart on it. I divided the heart into 4 sections and sewed one red, one blue, one yellow, and one green. I made it so it was on both sides of the front piece of material. One of the main things I need to work on right now is balance. I filled it with a combination of 9 herbs that represented things I wanted to increase in my life, some natural cotton from the nearby fields, some of my hair, a medicine braid that I just removed from my hair, the extra threads from the embroidery, a pinch of salt, and a raw amethyst. I have a natural affinity with this stone and my magickal name is "Lady Amethysta".
I used cotton stuffing for the rest. I stitched it with a black thread and chanted "This is mine, This is me, As this thread binds, so bound are we." I have used variations of the "This is mine, This is me.."chant since I discovered it during a meditation during my dedication, when I had to connect to an object. I will finish this up tonight and consecrate it tomorrow during the ritual I am doing. It is a good day for it, day before the Full Moon, Wednesday, Moon in Cancer....


Merry Meet Class:

Here is my poppet spell, I did it last night during the not quite full moon:

My spell was for healing and money/prosperity. I have many issues with not being able to receive good, especially money.

I used fabric from a silk blouse that tore a while ago, but that I love and was unwilling to part with, it is a dark yellow/almost gold color. I made my poppet with green-blue eyes and rose
colored mouth. I worked in my living room while my consort and child were taking a nap. I cast a circle of sage smoke for clearing and cleansing. I lit one white and one black working candle for balance. I called to the Goddess and God to be with me and to bless my work. I lit one gold and one silver birthday candle for prosperity. I mixed in a crystal bowl the following herbs: Flax Seed, Allspice, Yellow Dock, Alfalfa (sprouted for growth and creation), Bladderwrack. As I mixed each herb in and filled the poppet I kept my intention focused and chanted:
"Heal my heart of all the pain
As I once was, make me whole again
Bring to me all that is mine
By roads both mundane and divine"

After I had filled the poppet, I sewed it closed then embroidered hair on the head chanting:
"As the thread binds the cloth you are bound to me
To do my will, so mote it be"

Once finished, I anointed it with a heart marked on the chest in my own menstrual blood (timing you know). I then opened a door in the circle and took the poppet outside and charged it in the
moonlight just as the moon was being eclipsed with the same chant as for charging the herbs (above).

After I felt it was done, I went back inside, closed the door in the circle, finished the spell by declaring that this was for the prosperity and highest good of all in the household and with harm
to none. I thanked the Goddess and God and honored them. I then snuffed out the white candle--the gold, silver and black candles had already gone out--, opened the circle and cleaned up. I wrapped the poppet in the remaining fabric and tied it closed, then put it under the bed in a box to do it's work.

It felt very powerful. I can feel the prosperity/poverty issues pulling at my heart as they arise to heal. I even had some very strange dreams last night. Today I found myself almost signing my
old name (given by my family that abused me and which I changed nine years ago), so I know that there are some very powerful energies moving.


The healing poppet is being made of regular unbleached muslin sewn together with blue thread. She will be stuffed with cotton, cinnamon, eucalyptus, garlic, nutmeg, oak, peppermint and dragon's blood. (Dragon's Blood is my herb of choice for that extra 'kick'.) To along with those healing herbs (chosen because those are what I have on hand) will be a chunk of polished hematite, a healing stone. Sewn on the outside of the poppet will be my friends name, her disease, and the rune sowelu for good health. On the back I'm going to write what she hopes
for (to better be able to cope and treat her symptoms, for healing energy to help her make it through the days, and for her and her doctor to be able to better treat her problems). I'll use an all purpose healing oil to anoint it with. After I have done all of this I will give the poppet into her care.

For my creativity spell: again, unbleached muslin sewn together with yellow thread.
Stuffing: cotton, beech leaves, jasmine flowers, and dragon's blood with lump of tiger's eye to give my creativity a good kick in the a$$. Sewn on the outside will be my name, a little pencil and notebook that I've made (because I need help with my writing), and the runes Uraz for
creativity, Laguz to tap my hidden sources of creativity, and Ingus to help me complete my projects. I'm going to use Sagittarius (my birth sign) oil for anointing.

I normally use Starhawk's spell to bind the poppet to the person:
"Blessed be thou, creature made by are. By art made, by art changed.
Thou art not cloth, but flesh and blood and I name thee __________.
Thou art s/he between the worlds and in all worlds, so mote it be!"

Then I charge it with the elements, anoint it with the oil that best corresponds, and tell it what it's function is, how long it should take to manifest, and anything else I think is necessary. After all of that I add in that it should only come to fruition if it is for the good of all, and will harm none. Then I bind the spell and I'm done!


My poppet is for myself. I made it for posperity.

I used a green print cotton fabric. The print was small Oak Leaves and Acorns. The Oak has always been very powerful for me.

I used my sewing machine to sew it together and then filled my poppet with a mixture of equal part of the following herbs. Fresh grated nutmeg, dill weed, ginger, cinnamon, and basil. I then stitched it closed by hand with green embroidery thread. (3 strands on needle) I stitched all the way around the edge with the green thread as I pictured what my needs were ending at the top of the head with 3 threads. I then took black thread to place two stones of tiger-eye for eyes on my poppet. I use the tiger-eye as empowerment to watch over what I have and what is coming to me as far as building my prospersity.

I love working during a waxing moon. Even as I post this I can feel all the energy in my poppet.


Greetings I was going to work on a prosperity poppet to coincide with the prosperity class but decided to work on one for protection instead. I am constructing it out of dogwood twigs, lashing the twigs together with black thread, so the twigs will be like the "skeleton", using an acorn for the head. I'm using nine herbs, cotton thread, cotton,(can I use the sterile stuff?) eucalyptus, sage, thyme, oak leaves, parsley, some dogwood shavings, fern and birch bark. I began consecrating these items and grinding them last night, meditating on the purpose all the while. Also I have mixed in nail clippings, my hair and some blood. I will be mixing this over the next two nights completing the spell on the 20th during the full moon. On a piece of birch bark I will draw the rune of "Ohl" with Dragon's Blood ink roll it up and tie it to the "torso' of the poppet with black thread. I'm fashioning clothes out of an old pair of shorts beyond repair but dear to me and an old t-shirt. I'm applying my own hair to the poppet. I won't be doing the face
thing since I feel that they will be enough of my own energy within the poppet already between my own "body parts" and my favorite clothes .

On the night of the full moon I will cast my circle, sew my clothes onto the little guy and stuff him. After I'm done stuffing him I will be annointing him with cedarwood oil and placing him on the pentacle on my altar. I will meditate in his purpose and then dedicate him to the south. I've prepared an incantation that goes:

Majick doll, my little friend.
Away from me all harm you send.
Protect me now through day and night,
as I bless you with this rite.
All empowered these herbs within.
See me safe through thick and thin.
Protect me now oh little one.
Keep me safe and harm to none.
Blessed by the powers of three.
As I will, So Mote it Be!

Take the poppet and pass it through the flame to the south, the water to the west, the salt to the North, and the smoke (sandalwood) to the East. After that I'm putting it into a white muslin pouch with a black a white agate, some rose petals and a rosemary sprig. On the pouch again I will draw the rune of Ohl with Dragon's Blood ink. We will become best of friends and he'll go everywhere I do. Now a couple of things...the full moon on the 20th will be accompanied with an eclipse. Is this a benefit or are there repercussions? Also I would like to see as much of the eclipse as possible and would like to work with planetary hours since protection spells are
best worked while the moon is in Aries.( aren't they?)I was wondering if anyone could help me out on this one. Alot of my things got ruined when my basement was flooded this summer during the hurricane (floyd?)and how to do the math for planetary hours were one of them. Any feed back would be great since this is the first poppet spell I've ever cast. I'm kinda proud of it.
Please only constructive criticism.


Well after a long while I decided that I could use a poppet to bring up my grades in school, at least help me. :) What made my decision is that in order to show my animals at our school show, I must pass a progress report since I failed one class last semester. Well it didn't really go under prosperity or anything else so I used Success. When I started making my poppet a chant came to mind "better grades for better days" so as I was sewing my poppet I would say this out loud or in my mind. My poppet is orange, a color for success, and as the stuffing I put cinnamon, whole cloves, and ginger, also one piece of whole cinnamon in a bowl. I mixed everything up so that the ground herbs were well together. When I stuffed my poppet, I used cotton balls, I just saw them around the hose so I just grabbed a few, as I was putting the cotton in it I would spread it around in the mixture I made so that it would be all through the poppet. I finished it with green and brown threads for my eyes(hazel)and had sewn a small heart on the outside. For my hair, I went into my closet where I kept all of my old stuffed animals, I then cut a few inches of brown and yellow hair to represent mine(since I have highlights, I thought it was good to include that color also). That is mostly all for now, sorry so long :) I am going to try to conscrete my poppet perhaps tomorrow.

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